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The Sybian Orgasm Sex Machine holds the distinction of being the only fuck machine in the world with its own Wikipedia page—such is its renown! Moreover, the Sybian was the pioneer, the very first fuck machine ever created. This distinctive sexual apparatus hit the market as early as 1987, conceived and developed by the American dance instructor, Dave Lampert.

The Sybian is an extraordinary sex machine suitable for both men and women. Comprising what resembles a saddle cabinet with a seating area, it features a motor that sets a rod in motion, protruding a bit from the top of the saddle. Rubber attachments can be affixed to this rod, which, propelled by its movement and vibrations, stimulate the vagina, clitoris, and, if desired, the anus. You can control the speed yourself using the included remote control.

Take a look at the Sybian below:

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Interested in Purchasing a Sybian?

A sex machine can certainly add a spark to your sexual experiences, but unfortunately, the Sybian sex machine is scarcely available for purchase in the Netherlands. This is due to the fact that Sybian is an American brand, which results in the product being offered with limited availability or at a relatively high cost in the Netherlands.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative brand that produces nearly identical sex machines that are readily available for purchase in the Netherlands!

Motorbunny Sex Machine

Motorbunny stands as one of Sybian’s major competitors. The machines from this brand bear a striking resemblance to the Sybian and operate in a similar manner. The quality of the Motorbunny is highly comparable to that of the Sybian.

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Prefer a More Affordable Sex Machine?

You’re in luck! Even in this category, we have something for you. Our in-house developed Eroticon sex machines are not only robust and high-quality but also incredibly competitively priced. We’re proud to offer you the lowest price guarantee on these models. Take a look at all our models below.

Discover More About the Sybian

The Sybian has established itself as a well-known sex toy that has been popular for years among those seeking extreme pleasure and enjoyment. This device is specially designed to offer vaginal, clitoral, and anal stimulation to its users. In addition, much like the Motorbunny—an alternative we previously mentioned—this fuck machine is renowned for its potent and intense vibrations.

This fucking machine features a saddle-shaped seat with a robust motor built into it. It is carefully crafted to be placed on the floor or a sturdy surface. On the seat, there’s an opening where various attachments can be fitted, catering to the user’s desires. These attachments come in various sizes, thicknesses, and shapes, ensuring that there’s something enjoyable for everyone. Each attachment aids in different types of stimulation.

What sets the Sybian apart from other sex toys is its powerful motor and versatility. Many other brands may lack the same robustness, although the Sybian tends to be somewhat pricier than most other brands.

The device offers multiple settings and speeds, allowing users to adjust the intensity of the vibrations according to their preferences. Moreover, the Sybian can be operated both manually and with a remote control, making it highly user-friendly.

The incredibly intense and powerful motor of the Sybian can be quite overwhelming. Many individuals report that the orgasms it produces can initially be exceedingly powerful and feel like an entirely new experience. Similarly, the same is noted about the Motorbunny model.

While often used by singles, the device can also be incorporated into partnered sex. Let your partner take control of the remote or switch roles. An experience like this is sure to enhance your sexual pleasure.

It’s important to note that the Sybian is a sex toy, and its usage depends on the user’s personal preferences and comfort. If you’re not yet sure whether a sex machine is right for you, considering a more budget-friendly option might be a good idea. Just like with any sex toy, it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure the toy is thoroughly cleaned before and after use.

In summary, the Sybian is a powerful and incredibly versatile sex toy that can take you to heights of pleasure like never before! This device is cherished by singles and couples alike, those in search of a unique and intense experience.

Both brands are popular sex toys designed to provide intense pleasure and enjoyment. While they share similar features, there are also some differences between the two sex devices.

The Motorbunny, sometimes referred to as the ‘Sybian on steroids,’ closely resembles the Sybian in terms of design and functionality. Both feature a saddle-shaped seat with a powerful motor built in, and both can be used with various attachments for clitoral, anal, and vaginal stimulation. Both brands offer different speed and intensity settings, allowing users to tailor their experience by adjusting the machine to their personal preferences.

One of the key differences between the two devices is the price. Generally, the Motorbunny is slightly more affordable, making it an attractive option for those seeking a powerful seat-based sex toy.

Another difference lies in the versatility of the devices. The Motorbunny offers a broader range of available attachments, giving users more options.

In broad terms, the machines are quite similar. Considering the price-to-quality ratio, our preference leans towards the Motorbunny.

Absolutely! In addition to the Motorbunny, which serves as a slightly more budget-friendly alternative, we offer a wide array of orgasmic machines in our online store. Our collection spans a broad range of prices, ensuring there’s something appealing for everyone. Our Eroticon models are highly sought after, boasting an excellent price-to-quality ratio. Furthermore, within our sex shop, you’ll discover a variety of milkers, sex dolls, and attachments suitable for different types of machines.”

Sex machines with a seat are an exhilarating addition to the array of sexual toys available. The popularity of fucking machines is steadily growing, and for women especially, but also for men or couples, a fuck machine with a seat can be a perfect choice. The advantage of a seat-equipped machine lies in the comfort it provides, allowing you to assume various comfortable positions. Unlike other fuck machines, a seat allows you to sit comfortably.

Furthermore, these machines deliver a unique and stimulating experience through automated movements and vibrations, while simultaneously enabling hands-free pleasure unlike some other models.

A sex machine with a seat typically features an ergonomically designed saddle-shaped seat, ensuring exceptional seating comfort and support during use. The seat is usually crafted from durable and soft materials like silicone or leather, guaranteeing a comfortable experience.

Orgasmic machines with a sitting feature often offer various speed and intensity levels that users can control themselves, granting them command over the stimulation’s intensity. This empowers individuals, as well as couples, to use the machine as they wish.

One of the significant aspects of such sex machines is their versatility for solo enjoyment or as part of partnered activities. Let your partner take control of the machine, or switch it up. The possibilities are endless. These machines are also perfect for swingers, sex parties, or orgies.

This kind of fucking machine can enrich the sexual play and heighten excitement. They can also be used to enhance and strengthen the intimacy and connection between partners, as they offer a hands-free experience, allowing both partners to engage while the machine does its work.

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