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Have a shot at winning a bol.com gift card worth 25 euros!

English: Interested in the opportunity to win a bol.com gift card worth 25 euros? Leave a review on one of the platforms below:

After you’ve posted the review, send us an email with your order number and a screenshot of the review. For every 10th review we receive through this method, we will draw 1 gift card among these participants.

How do I write a review exactly?


To write a review on bol.com, you have two options:

  • Product Review
    For each product on the bol.com website or app, there’s a review section on the product page where you can share your own review. Alternatively, you can go to your Account > Orders > The order > Write a review.
  • Store Review
    Sometimes, you might receive an invitation to review a store via email. By default, the option to receive these emails is turned off in your account settings. You might get these emails by going to: Account > Details & Preferences and turning on Personal Recommendations.


There are two ways to write a review. First, within 4 weeks of your purchase, you’ll receive an email invitation from us. If you want to write a review right away, you can navigate to our WebwinkelKeur page and click on “Give a star rating” under the section “How do you rate this online store?”


Go to our Facebook page and scroll down. On the right side of the timeline, you’ll find the review box where you can rate us. You can give a star rating and write your review directly there.

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