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Whether you’re fond of small breasts, large breasts, seeking a male sex doll, or even a transgender sex doll, we have it all for you! At Eroticon, we exclusively offer surrealistic sex dolls crafted from the finest materials, ensuring they not only look incredibly lifelike but also feel that way too! All dolls come with a range of exciting accessories, including:

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The Term Sex Doll

A sex doll is a broad term encompassing a doll used for sexual purposes. In addition to the classic inflatable doll, it also includes genuine or love dolls. The term ‘sex doll’ also encompasses lifelike masturbators such as torsos and limbs. Interested in buying a sex doll today?

Inflatable Sex Doll Purchase?

The most well-known type of sex doll is the inflatable sex doll. An inflatable doll requires inflation before use. Essentially, an inflatable doll is nothing more than a plastic figure filled with air. Inflatable dolls are often quite affordable. However, a downside is their lack of realism and susceptibility to damage. Thus, inflatable dolls are not suitable for repeated or extended use.

Purchase a Lifelike Sex Doll?

On our website, we offer realistic sex dolls (also referred to as genuine or love dolls). These lifelike sex dolls boast a remarkably realistic appearance. If you’re in search of a true-to-life sex doll, you’ll quickly discover a variety of options available. We sell sex dolls from brands like WM Doll, JY Doll, 6YE (Premium), DutchDoll, MySuperDoll, Ailijia Doll (SY Doll), and TopDoll. For more information on the differences between these brands, you can find details on this page.

Buy a Realistic Torso Sex Doll?

Beyond standard realistic sex dolls, there are also realistic torsos. Essentially, the torso is a compact version of a full-body sex doll without arms and legs. The torso is lighter than a typical full-body sex doll, mainly due to the material it’s made from. Additionally, the torso is more affordable. This option is suitable when space is limited or when you prefer not to lift too much weight. However, keep in mind that the torso is less realistic than a complete sex doll.

More Than a Sex Doll: Love Doll

A love doll (also known as a genuine or love doll) is often mentioned alongside lifelike sex dolls. However, a love doll is more than just a sex doll. A love doll can fulfill someone’s emotional needs and even assume the role of a life partner. Many people consider their love doll their best friend to talk to. You can share everything with them. Discuss your problems, experiences, ups, and downs. A love doll will never judge you and will fully accept you as you are.

While a love doll is frequently used for sexual purposes, not everyone has a physical relationship with their love doll. A love doll can also be a companion you’re emotionally attached to. You can order food together, play board games, watch TV, or exchange gifts. A love doll can be your best friend, providing mental support as you escape from the troubles of the world.

RealDoll® is a Brand of

A few years ago, the number of sex doll manufacturers could be counted on one hand. Abyss Creations of California has been producing the famous dolls known as RealDoll® for several years. RealDoll® produces 2.0 sex dolls made of silicone. Every detail is meticulously handcrafted. These sex dolls are offered in the price range of €6,000.

Thus, RealDoll® is an official trademark. In practice, the term is widely used to refer to genuine sex dolls from various other brands, including WM Doll, DutchDoll, and JY Doll. The term is then written separately and in lowercase. A genuine doll is an extremely realistic doll resembling a real man or woman. Usually, genuine dolls are made from silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The genuine doll features lifelike skin and a sturdy metal frame.

A genuine doll can play various roles. For instance, a sexual partner, a cuddle buddy, or a one-night stand. But you can also have a friend, a son or daughter, a partner, or a companion. Artists frequently purchase genuine dolls as well. For example, DutchDoll’s Josefina and WM Doll’s Britt Joëlle Dubois starred in The Male Gaze.


In essence, what’s the difference between purchasing a sex doll, a love doll, or a genuine doll?

A sex doll, as the name suggests, is a doll used for sex and masturbation. Various types of sex dolls are available on the market, from inflatable dolls to extremely lifelike ones. Additionally, there are realistic masturbators such as torsos or limbs.

RealDoll® is an official trademark. This term is also used to describe realistic sex dolls from other brands like WM Doll, JY Doll, or DutchDoll. In this case, a different spelling is used (read: ‘genuine doll’).

For many customers, a genuine doll is more than just a sex doll. A doll can also fulfill emotional needs and thus assume the role of a best friend, son or daughter, or companion. In this case, we refer to the term love doll or genuine doll. Additionally, genuine dolls are frequently used as works of art.

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